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Managing earthquake-prone buildings

If you’re an apartment owner in Wellington, you’ll know all about the importance of earthquake ratings – the NBS (New Building Standard) rating is the degree to which the building, or part, meets the seismic performance requirements of the Building Code that relate to how a building is likely to perform in an earthquake.  This is compared against the ultimate limit state loading requirements for new buildings defined in the New Zealand Earthquake Loadings Standard issued on 1 July 2017. Assigning an earthquake rating helps people to understand and identify the lowest rated buildings and their expected seismic performance.  There are two categories of ratings for earthquake-prone buildings (EPB) that determine which EPB notice is issued:

  • 0% to less than 20%

  • 20% to less than 34%

If a building has been deemed as earthquake-prone, there are several criteria that it will need to meet in order to get that EPB notice off the building, including building strengthening within a specified time frame. CBCS have experience in working together with body corporates to help with project management, arranging engineers and quotes, funding applications, budgeting, determination and collection of any special levies. Contact us if you want to know more about how we can help your body corporate.

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