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New Body Corporate Setup

New Body Corporate Setup

CBCS set up our first body corporate in 2008.  We work with developers from the initial design stage, and we have a proven record of body corporate establishment. From setting the budgets, preparing all the necessary documentation and holding the first body corporate meeting, we work with developers and committees to make this part of the process stress free!

Our body corporate setup services cover:

  • Budgeting

  • Review of legal documentation

  • Preparing pre-contact disclosure statements ($650) provided within 5 working days of request, pre-settlement disclosure statements ($410) provided within 5 working days, $520 if urgent, within 2 working days.

  • Preparation of turnover documents (when 75% ownership threshold reached)

  • Creation of policies and procedural handbook for residents

  • Assistance with setting up body corporate rules

  • Establishment of body corporate database

  • Documentation of key infrastructure information

  • Running first body corporate meeting (until chairperson elected)

  • Establishment of filing system

  • Establishment of master key registry

We look forward to discussing your new body corporate setup with you.

Body Corporate Administration Services

Administration Services

We have a complete understanding of the Unit Titles Act 2010 and accompanying Unit Titles Regulations 2011 and the surrounding compliance and are able to answer any questions or issues that arrive in an expert and timely manner.  With a practical approach to problem solving, in depth legislative advice, proven management practices and a willingness to engage with the body corporate members, we set a high standard of excellence in our industry.

Our administration services cover:

  • Creation and management of secure portal for owners, holding key building and financial information

  • Organisation, attendance and minutes for up to 4 committee meetings a year (additional meetings if required would be charged at our hourly rate of $75+gst)

  • Organisation and management of Annual General Meeting to be held within three months of financial year-end, including production and distribution of all relevant documentation

  • Annual insurance renewal, including organising building valuation at least every two years and providing report around renewal to committee within one month of renewal date, or as soon as available from insurance company 

  • Management of unit owner communications around contractor inspections, fire system checks and issues that may impact owners

  • Maintenance of contractor’s database

  • Maintain tenants and property managers contact database

  • Provide advice with regards to body corporate operating rules, Unit Titles Act 2010 and Unit Title Regulations 2011

  • Management and filing of body corporate records 

  • Preparing disclosures statements (at individual unit owners' cost)

Body Corporate Financial Services

Financial Services

At CBCS, all finance-related matters are overseen by our in-house chartered accountant (one of our directors, Ben Duflou) to ensure they are accurate and compliant.  We provide the committee with advice around expenses, budgets and annual levies calculations, so that the committee are fully informed and can be confident with their decisions.

Our financial services cover:

  • Management of banking access and mandate, with the Body Corporate to maintain its own individual bank account

  • Preparation of annual financial report for Annual General Meeting, including preparation of financial statements within two months of financial year-end

  • Preparation of annual budget and annual levy calculation, including presentation to the Chairperson within four weeks of financial year-end

  • Monthly/quarterly/annual invoicing of levies, as preferred

  • Debtor management of outstanding levies, including undertaking further action if required

  • Payment of all service provider invoices in accordance with agreed terms

  • Preparation of GST returns (if required)

  • Treasury management around long-term maintenance funds

  • Preparation of annual income tax return

  • General accounting advice to chairperson / committee

  • Complete transparency

  • Creation and maintenance of Xero accounting software subscription, which allows the committee to view their cash position anytime, anywhere, including on mobile phones - click on the below button for an example of the dashboard of this user-friendly system.

Building and Facilities Management

Facilities Management

We have a team of highly qualified, cost effective and efficient tradespeople that we utilise for providing key maintenance services. These include the provision of cleaning services, yard maintenance, building maintenance (such as plumbing and electrical), window cleaning and building warranty of fitness checks (we manage the paperwork).

  • Our facilities managements services cover:

  • Management of service delivery contracts by contractors and service providers, including ensuring compliance with Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 requirements

  • Monitoring of service delivery performance (cleaners, gardeners, etc)

  • Quarterly property reports, including reporting on contractor performance

  • Management of annual building warrant of fitness process

  • Management of insurance claims submission

  • Building and grounds walk around

  • Security system administration

  • Responding to body corporate representatives to undertake remedial work as required

  • Accessibility to the 24/7 CBCS phone line

For projects that fall outside the scope of the above and are expected to take more than two hours, an estimate of costs would be provided before any project management work was undertaken, to ensure the Body Corporate is able to manage the associated costs.

For body corporates looking to transfer over to our management, if there are already service agreements in place for key services, we will happily work with those existing providers, all the while assessing their performance and costs to identify if they are operating at a level that is best for the Body Corporate. If there is room for improvement, we will inform the Body Corporate Committee accordingly, along with a recommended approach for delivering a higher quality service.

Body Corporate Secure Portal & Communication

Secure Communication

CBCS prides itself on excellent communication with Body Corporate committees and all unit owners and tenants.

Our preferred approach in communicating with unit owners is through email, which facilitates a quick and easy transfer of information to owners or contractors if key issues need to be communicated. However, we will also pick up the phone for urgent matters, or when unable to get a response via email.

We have a dedicated secure portal for each Body Corporate under our management. The secure portal contains information on areas such as the building's history, contact information, building guides, hand books and operating rules.  We also upload all AGM meeting minutes, financial accounts, budgets and other files needed for record keeping. This ensures that all unit owners have access to the body corporate files without having to rely on their own record keeping systems, or worry they have missed anything, as it's accessible anytime.

The owner’s database is updated immediately upon receipt of change in contact details. As we generally prepare disclosure statements for owners selling their unit, we collect contact information for new owners through this process.  Any owner contact detail changes where the owner has forgotten to advise us, will generally be identified through the body corporate levies process.

For urgent facilities maintenance matters, we have a 24/7 CBCS phone line, so that issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Click the below button for an example of the dashboard of a particular body corporate secure portal, which is what users see when they log in, which highlights how some of the information is displayed how easy it is to find what you need.

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